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Tour route: Sai Gon

Today, the city's core is still adorned with wide elegant boulevards and historic French colonial buildings. The majority of these tourist spots are located in District 1 and are a short leisurely distance from each other. Reunification Palace,Notre Dame Catheral,Remnants Museum,..Like many of Vietnam's smaller cities, the city boasts a multitude of restaurants serving typical Vietnamese dishes such as phở or rice vermicelli.

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Day 1


4 hours itinerary:

Option 1
Explore Ho Chi Minh City’s historic by the locals, and experience the city as it was before the war. Traveling by cyclos which is the typical pedicabs of the city, experience local life up close, stopping to enjoy tasty food. Ho Chi Minh City Tour visits the War Remnants Museum - originally opened in September 1975, it displays old military equipment and other related items from Vietnam War. We continue to visit the Reunification Palace, formerly known as the Presidential Palace that was the sight of South Vietnam's Surrender in April 1975. Walk down to see Notre Dame Cathedral and General Post Office which are beautiful examples of architecture from the French colonial period. After that, you transfer to local restaurant for enjoying Vietnamese food.

Option 2

Explore Ho Chi Minh City’s historic Chinatown, named Cho Lon, or “Big Market,” by the locals, and experience the city as it was before the war. Chinatown was established as early as Saigon, and is where the Ming Dynasty Chinese first settled in Vietnam. They live their lives much as they did before 1975, doing business and continuing their traditions as the country develops around them. Traveling by cyclo - the typical pedicabs of the city - experience local life up close, stopping to enjoy tasty food. Feel the hustle and bustle of street vendors selling a mixture of herbs for traditional medicine. Snake your way down tiny alleys on the agile vehicles, passing many small, family-run businesses. Along the way, you will come across the 250-year-old Lady Thien Hau Temple (God of the Sea), as well as the historic South Saigon Cha Tam Church. Then you have time for shopping at Binh Tay Market, Before transferring back to your hotel. We let you experient Vietnamses local food at our restaurant.

Group size


2-10 PAX


55 USD

45 USD



• Pick-up and drop off at hotels or private houses in Ho Chi Minh City (all districts)
• Transportation by new minivan and cyclo (pedicab)
• Entrance fees
• Mineral water
• English-speaking guide
• Lunch/ dinner



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Sandra W

20/04/2016 01:50
I had fun and enjoyed the day out. It was very informative about local lifestyle and history of the area.

20/04/2016 01:49
We had a 3hr cyclo city tour of Ho Chi Minh and it was amazing. Took all the hassle out of navigating the traffic and trying to find our way around ourselves. Took us past fascinating streets of flowers, motorcycle parts, remote controls -you name they sell it and there is a special street for it. Friendly drivers who waited while we visited the main market and a Chinese temple. A very fun trip.
Lin G

20/04/2016 00:08
We did a 3hour tour late afternoon when it was a little cooler. The drivers are amazing and once you get use to the fact traffic comes at you from all angles but the driver is fully in control then sit back and enjoy the craziness of the city! We had a couple of stops at a Temple and wholesale market which were fantastic then we hit rush hour traffic OMG not for the faint hearted !!!!
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