Hoi An

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Hoi An is now enjoying something of a renaissance as visitors flock to the once peaceful town. The ancient streets and temples have withstood this modern onslaught remarkably well, and Hoi An remains a “must see” on any tour of Vietnam. Hoi An is very small town but it has 84 hotels from guest house to luxury resort. Deciding on where to stay in Hoian just got that bit challenging! It is important that you ask yourself the following questions when selecting a hotel to stay in Hoi An, so you can determine what place is ideal for you.

Hoi An is divided into three areas and these areas usually determine the range of hotel rates. Do you want your hotel to be situated in Old Quarter, where most attractions, restaurant, shops can be found? Or near the riverside where you can see local fisherman catch fish. However, if you want to stay near Cua Dai Beach then the 4-5 resorts are probably what you’re looking for.

Cam Kim is a scenic rural island which is almost entirely free of tourists. Stunning rural scenes, rice paddies, villages, fields of water buffalo and quiet roads are the big draws of Cam Kim.  While cycling in Vietnam usually involves nerve wracking encounters with large trucks and straying cars.

Cam Kim’s roads are traffic free, flat and relatively safe. With your bike, you will be able to explore numerous picturesque pathways along with some marvellous bamboo bridges, nicknamed monkey bridges. This FREE tour experiences are heightened by the absence of souvenir sellers along the route so that all you see are the REAL friendly Vietnamese faces. It is truly local culture explore.

In the 1590s a covered bridge was built in Hoi An to link the Japanese side of town with the Chinese quarter. According to the story, because the bridge spanned the weakest part of the monster, the pressure killed it. Hence the shrine of atonement halfway across. As if that legend were not odd enough, one entrance is guarded by a pair of monkeys and the other by a pair of dogs.

If you are foodies and want to have some local friends to hang out at night then Hoi An evening walking food tour is a must. This is a great way to discover Hoi An’s food as well as to get an excellent insight into Hoi An’s night life. Not just eating the food, you will be taken around playing some of Hoi An’s traditional games and having fun, then taking your time to release small paper lanterns down onto the river on a boat will be very interesting.

So much appears in print about Hoi An’s old quarter that the visitor may forget that the town lies beside the South China Sea. Fringed with palm trees, Hoi An’s beach, Cua Dai, boasts clean white sand that stretches all the way to Danang and is short on hawkers: a blessing in a country where you are far too often assailed with the demand “You, buy my things.”

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